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👋 Hello, I'm Patrick! :^)

I'm a husband, dog/plant dad, and startup business guy. I built this blog and wrote these posts. And I too live on this lovely space rock called Earth.

These days, I'm traveling around the world on an extended honeymoon with my wife Courtney. And for a couple hours here and there, I'm learning Korean and advising startups on ops/growth, notably Yaya, an AI language learning app that I helped build.

In the past, I was an early leader at Replit. Check out my about page for more.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Axolotl by Julio Cortázar

    Spanish-to-English translation of Axolotl, short story by Julio Cortázar (1956).

  • Genjo Koan by Dogen

    Japanese-to-English translation of Dogen's Genjo Koan (1233).

  • What am I up to in 2023?

    This year I'm getting married, learning to code, working on a language learning app, and traveling to Europe and Asia.

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