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Hi 👋 I'm Patrick! I'm currently looking for my next thing.

I was the first business hire and an early leader at Replit ($1B+ valuation, online software development platform) and PeopleGrove (higher education mentoring). Some highlights from my time at Replit:

  • Led finance/diligence for our $80M series B ($800M valuation)
  • 5x'd sales in my first year
  • Launched a new product with a few engineers, set pricing & packaging, and grew it to be our top seller
  • Managed ICs and managers

I have the most experience working in AI, edtech, and dev tools, but I'm open to any company with a great mission, team, and traction.

I'm a business generalist, which means I focus on operations (finance, revops, management, HR, recruiting, legal, etc.) and go-to-market (sales, marketing, product-led-growth, etc.). I'm spiky in ops. Plus I code a little. I'm a fast learner.

I am open to full-time or contract-to-hire work. I'm based in San Francisco and not open to relocate. I prefer hybrid/in-person but am open to remote work.

For a full list of my experiences, check out my LinkedIn. Or if you prefer, here's my old school resume.

Send me an email or book a time if you'd like to chat.