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Yaya is an AI foreign language learning app. My co-founder, David Gaynor, and I bootstrapped the business, and I learned to code. I focused on software development (Next.js, Typescript, OpenAI API), product, and growth.

I was the first business hire (#11) and VP of Operations at Replit ($1B+ valuation, online software development platform). Some highlights:

  • Led finance/diligence for our $80M series B ($800M valuation)
  • 5x'd sales in my first year
  • Launched a new product with a few engineers, set pricing & packaging, and grew it to be our top seller
  • Managed ICs and managers

I was the first hire and VP of Operations at PeopleGrove (exited, higher education mentoring platform). I focused on customer success, sales, finance, and HR.

I started my career in Investment Banking (tech/media/telecom) at Bank of America and studied finance at The Wharton School.

More info available on LinkedIn.