Sketched portrait of Patrick Coleman

About Patrick Coleman


Photo of Patrick, Courtney, and Mara
  • Husband to Courtney
  • Dog Dad to Mara and plant dad to many houseplants
  • Love to read fiction and comics and watch movies and TV
  • Bandwagon SF sports fan
  • Into meditation & yoga
  • Studying a few languages (español, 日本語, 한국어)
  • Always planning my next trip abroad or outdoors

Yaya Press

Co-Founder → Advisor

Yaya is a generative-AI language learning app that lets you learn another language by reading fun dialogs, stories, and articles on any topic. In Yaya's first 6 months, I helped with frontend coding (React, Next.js, Tailwind, TypeScript, etc.), user research, and product design. I switched to an advisory role when I started traveling in July 2023.

Startup ops & growth advising

Interval — seed stage dev tools startup

Rime — pre-seed text-to-speech AI startup


First business hire (#11ish) → VP of Growth

Replit is an online coding platform and one of the most vibrant communities of developers on the internet. When I joined (a few months after the Series A), Replit was popular as a scratchpad and tool for teaching/learning how to code. I left about a year after the Series B, and the company had transformed into a powerful platform for building and deploying full-featured applications in any programming language.

Some things I did: sales (5x'd revenue in year 1), marketing (content & community, attribution/tracking), product (hired first PM, launched education product), HR/recruiting (took team from 11 to 70+ people), finance (financial model/reporting, $80M series B), legal (sales contracts, international/education privacy policies), and management (hired amazing people who were better than me at whatever they did).


First hire → VP of Operations

PeopleGrove helps connect students with alumni for career advice & mentorship.

In my first year and a half I did implementations, customer success, support, and a bit of sales. The next year, I led the sales team, closed some deals, and managed our event marketing (hitting the road to conferences at least a couple times a month). In my last year, I switched gears to finance and HR, built our first proper financial operating model, and helped the company raise a venture debt facility.

Market Track

Corporate development analyst / business generalist

Market Track (since renamed) was a private-equity-backed data & analytics business.

I did a little bit of everything, including but not limited to: building Excel models, drafting board slides, sales ops (Salesforce admin), competitive intelligence, software implementations/project management, M&A support, and legal discovery/diligence.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Investment banking analyst, Tech Media Telecom Group

Cranked out financial models and made (mostly) impeccable PowerPoint slides late into the night. Pitched some pretty epic hostile takeovers that never went anywhere and some more routine deals that did.


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