What am I up to in 2023?

This will be a short post. If you're visiting this blog for the first time, welcome. Check out some of my other posts too.

The big news this year is that I'll be getting married to the love of my life in April! We're celebrating right here in San Francisco with a small ceremony and a big party. Can't wait to bring our family and friends together to celebrate with us!

Mara the dog, wearing a 'my humans are getting married' bandana
Mara is excited for the wedding too!

I'm also (re)learning to code. It's been quite a challenge at times, but mostly it's been a lot of fun! I'm finding myself getting lost in it in the best way. If you're curious how the journey's been going for me, read my last post.

I'm also working on a language learning app with a good friend of mine, David Gaynor, who's been teaching me the ropes. More to come soon.

And so I don't totally forget what it's like to have a job, I'm advising two exciting early-stage startups, Interval (dev tools) and Rime (text-to-speech). Expect big things from these two.

On the hobby side, I've been doing a lot more yoga, a bit more climbing, and still learning Korean and Japanese. After 5 years of studying Japanese, it's tough to be a beginner again with Korean, but it's not so bad when "studying" includes watching great movies and TV like Decision to Leave, Singles Inferno, Physical 100, Kingdom, and Crash Landing on You. If anyone's looking for a study buddy, give me a shout.

After the wedding, we'll be taking trips to Europe and Asia. I really can't wait!

I'll be writing from time to time and posting here. I'll also be cross-posting on various social sites, so follow along wherever we're connected. And at some point I'll add RSS and maybe an email digest to the blog.

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